I decided to finally create an opportunity to interact, and hopefully impact, you guys. It's only right to do so!

For those who may not know, UN-MOTIVATED was created from overcoming a lot of adversities & fears. 

I have always been that type of person, who wanted to do and be better for themselves, but didn't know exactly what to do and just NEEDED to learn how to really believe in myself and my abilities... Which is why I decided to attempt to start & grow a community for this brand! 

I want to relate to those of you who haven’t been able to unlock that potential and need that extra push forward to reach that point of feeling accomplished with yourself and achieving something you thought was way out of your reach.

My goal is to not only make you look good of course, but the bigger picture for this brand is to trigger you into pushing yourself out of that hard place and motivate you towards achieving the goals that you set for yourselves.

These blog posts will be mainly sharing my experiences and the best ways I dealt with them up until this point and so on. As my biggest goal is to be able to connect with everyone on a deeper level.

With all said & done I want to welcome you, to this community. This is only the beginning of a long-lasting journey…


- Jayden (Owner) 

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